09 Jun

Abalone Information

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I have the rare opportunity to find dead shells on the sea bottom while I dive along the California coast. Once in a while I find a shell worthy of using for jewelry. This usually means the shell has not been dead for long, does not have a lot of worm holes or boring clam holes, and the ocean has not deteriorated the shell beyond the use for jewelry. My best jewelry is made from shells with few worm holes which degrade the value of the shell and in some cases ruin the shell’s integrity. It is difficult to find clean workable shells since most are riddled with worm holes. My designs are unique because the majority of my abalone earrings and pendants are made from sections of whole shells. This allows me to keep most of the natural curves of the shell and gives a one-of-a-kind look and shape. Thank you for you interest in my work and process.

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  1. Reply lisa eisner says:

    i would love to see or buy your special shells for jewelry im doing..
    feel free to email me or call

    • Reply Administrator says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Sorry, I have not been diving much this last year do to other obligations. I do plan on starting back up this coming year. Right now, I do not have enough of these found shells for myself. Sorry but feel free to keep in touch.


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