22 Jun

Western Australian Black Nephrite Jade

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Western Australian Black Nephrite Jade is mined near Ninghan in the Murchison region outside of Perth. It is mostly identified by the outer skin in the rough form which has a brown to red skin which has been created by the surrounding red iron rich soil. Like all jades, there are different qualities at each source and the best jade from this source takes a mirror-like polish with a fine grain.

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  1. Reply Colin Thatcher says:

    From R Gems Inc
    I am interested in purchasing 10-50-100 kilograms of black nephrite rough. Can you provide a price and a rough idea of shipping costs to Sydney?

    • Reply Administrator says:

      Hi Colin,

      Sorry. I do not have access to quantities of this material. You should be able to find the mine there in Western Australia and get a good price locally. Good luck.


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