22 Jun

Georg Schmerholz

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Schmerholz Fine Art Sculptures


Welcome to my digital portfolio showcasing some of my sculptures of the last 35 years.
This website is very much an evolutionary vehicle, growing not only into the future, as I add to my repertoire, but also reaching into the past to offer an insight into a life of unwavering commitment to fine art sculpture.

Four years ago I ventured into the magic of working with jade and I invite you visit my ‘jade only’ website: www.jadefineart.com

I will not try to impress you with a long list of studies, achievements and commissions, because the only thing that truly matters to me is whether you are able connect with my work, whether you can resonate with expressions rooted in beauty and stillness.

With the exception of the actual casting of metals, I personally undertake every phase of creating a sculpture, from the graphic/design stage to the delivery and final placement and installation of a project.

Feel free to comment or inquire at: info@schmerholz.com

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