22 Jun

Lavender Jadeite from Turkey

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Lavender Jadeite is one of the rarest colors of Jadeite. I will call this Jadeite for this description but understand there are many critics of this material stating it does not have a high enough percentage of Jadeite to properly classify it as a true Jadeite. This Jadeite is from Turkey and is found quite differently than anywhere else in the world. Most Jadeite is found as blocks within Serpentine and has a largely metasomatic origin. The Jadeite in Turkey is found within blocks of blueschist, peridotite, marble and jadeite—K-feldspar rock in a mudstone/sandstone matrix. The translucency is low compared to the Jadeite from Burma but the colors can be equal or superior.

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  1. Reply NameRichard Wise says:

    what is the composition of Turkish jade?

    • Reply jadediver says:

      Hey Richard,

      The material works like fine grain Jadeite but it’s composition is somewhere in the +/- 50% jadeite mix from what I can find on line. I can not find any definative report of exactlty what it is. I have spoken to some experts on Jade and they have their opinions of it not being a true jadeite. I believe the deffinition of a true jadeite is where it is composed of at least 80% jadeite. Hope that helps?

      • Reply Name says:

        Suggest you talk with Dennis Heyden owner of Purple Jade who knows the material for years and is a jade expert . The Davenports discovered this material years ago in Turkey . It is and I repeat is and was certified as purple jadeite by GIA . I suggest you check your sources for it not being called jadeite and percentages of jadeite required to be called jadeite . We have black jadeite in Peru and with pyrite and its jadeite jade with also nephrite jade in it . Very very very and rarely is jade ever 100% pure or even close to such . Mr, Dennis Heyden is recognized by jade societies around the world MR Heyden is writing a book on jade for the British Jade society . The material is jadeite and the percentage meets legal requirements to be called jadeite . GIA and other world bodies would not have certified it as jadeite years ago!! Once again jadeite and jade are never ever hardly 100% pure . I suggest you check your facts .

        Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS , Gemologist
        Peru Blue Opal Ltd

        • Reply jadediver says:

          Lee, not sure if you know that the stone needs to be 80% jadeite be classified as jadeite. Also, this stone from Turkey varies widely in its percentage of jadeite. Many have complained that they cannot get a polish on it and I have noticed my polishes vary with the same technique with this material. Beautiful it is and contains jadeite but different percentages. I’m sure when it was sent to the GIA for certs, they sent the best selection they could obtain.


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