22 Jun

Matthew Glasby

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Jade is a stone of the heart. It has a visceral and visual quality that captivates the soul. In it there is a guardian strength that leaves prosperity in its wake. As a tool for healing, it promotes love, and as a medium for creativity, requires patience…for all these reasons I am inspired.

Born and raised on the Central Coast of California, Matthew began a loving relationship with his natural surroundings at a young age. A love for hiking and surfing coupled with the Big Sur coast as a backyard eventually led to the discovery of the local jade culture.

What started as a hobby of looking for stones on the beach, eventually led to interest in transforming these treasures. Since then, countless hours of trial and error, a fine arts degree in sculpture, and recently an opportunity to work with some of the world’s master carvers have given Matthew the tools to explore what it means to carve jade in California.

All his works are original, one of a kind, and produced by the artist. The inspiration for motifs are as diverse as the natural beauty of the California coast, as well as the melting pot of cultures that reside there.

In the relatively short amount of time since carving became a full time endeavor, Matthew has been fortunate enough to participate in showing with the worlds top jade artists. He has also had works shown in Ornament magazine, and was featured on the Travel Channels Cash and Treasures show.

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