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Korean Jade Necklace with Pink Abalone-$800-NeckBow1

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Korean Jade Necklace with Pink Abalone

This is another one of a kind necklace made of premium Translucent Korean Bowenite from Korea. Bowenite is in the Serpentine group of materials and is probably the highest quality in that group. Often misrepresented as Jade but is clearly a different material but beautiful none the less. This particular Korean Jade has made its way into my work from Korea. This Korean Jade Necklace also has a center bead made both from the Korean Bowenite and Pink Abalone from the West Coast of California. The Korean Jade Necklace actually glows in the sunlight. It is absolutely stunning against a tanned or darker skin. As with all my beads and necklaces, everything is hand made by me. The only thing I do not make is the clasps on my necklaces.
The clasp in the back is made of sterling silver with a very simple but pleasing design. The crimps are original and sterling silver as well with no cheesy crimp covers. Feel free to contact me if you are serious about purchasing this piece and I will do what I can to provide more pictures, videos and if you are somewhat local, I will show the piece to you. It looks better in person as does most jewelry.
Korean Jade Necklace with Pink Abalone Specifications:

Weight: Approximately 50 grams
Length: Approximately 18”

Korean Jade Necklace with Pink Abalone Details:

Width “Beads”:
Smallest bead: 0.24”
Largest bead: 0.4″
Largest center bead 0.475”
Center Bead Length: 1 1/4″
Jadedivers Item# NeckBow1
Jadedivers Price: $800

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