21 Nov

“Honey Olive” Big Sur Jade Earrings-$95-EarBS4

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“Honey Olive” Big Sur Jade Earrings

This nephrite material really changes colors due to the type of light they are in. In all these pictures, this is indoor lighting with fluorescent lighting. They look greener in these pictures than I think they usually show. They are usually more of a honey green and at times don’t show too much green at all. They look great with the gold ear wires and are a great autumn color. They are uniform in thickness and pictures speak for themselves. All edges have been rounded and polished. The flat surface is highly polished and very reflective. These beautiful Earrings are on 24K Heavy Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Ear Wire. I do detail work well and you will not find scratches or un-polished edges including a deburred hole for the gold ring on top of each earring.

Big Sur Jade Earrings on 24K Heavy Gold Plated Ear Wire Specifications:

“Honey Olive” Big Sur Jade Earring Details:

Length: 2.5″
Width: 0.87”
Ear Wire: 24K Heavy Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Ear Wire
Ear Wire Guards: Included are Clear Rubber Hypoallergenic Ear Wire Guards

“Honey Olive” Big Sur Jade Earring Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: EarBS4

Jadedivers Item Price: $95

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