Lavender Jadeite necklace with Pink Abalone

29 Nov

Lavender Jadeite Necklace with Pink Abalone – $1,500-NeckLav1

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 lavender jadeite

 Lavender Jadeite Necklace with Pink Abalone

This is a one of a kind necklace made from Turkish Lavender Jadeite. This necklace has the premium sought after colors and was extremely difficult to plan and create. Many sections of chosen Lavender Jadeite pieces were cut to allow me to select the perfect areas within each slab for each individual bead. The beautiful Lavender Jadeite color seen here has some of the most vibrant colors of purple available. This Lavender Jadeite from Turkey is known for these beautiful colors with low translucency. This process allows me to make all the beads from the best selected material. The center bead is once again a combination of Lavender Jadeite with Pink Abalone from the West Coast of California. I chose the Pink Abalone for its combination of pink and purple hues within the shell to closely match the Lavender Jadeite. This Lavender Jadeite necklace is always a crowd pleaser and stunner. It is fun to bring out this necklace and watch the excitement of people who get to see this wonderful Lavender Jadeite necklace. As with all my beads and necklaces, everything is hand made by me. The only thing I do not make is the clasps on my necklaces. The clasp in the back is made of sterling silver with a very pleasing design. The crimps are original and sterling silver as well with no cheesy crimp covers. Feel free to contact me if you are serious about purchasing this Lavender Jadeite necklace. I can to provide more pictures and videos and if you are somewhat local, I will show this Lavender Jadeite necklace to you. It looks better in person as does most jewelry.




Lavender Jadeite Necklace with Pink Abalone Specifications:

Weight: Approximately 60 grams
Length: Approximately 18”

Lavender Jadeite Necklace with Pink Abalone Bead Details:

Width “Beads”:
Smallest bead: 0.24”
Largest bead: 0.42″
Largest center bead 0.475”
Center Bead Length: 1 1/4″

Lavender Jadeite & Pink Abalone Necklace Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: Necklav1

Jadedivers Item Price: $1,500


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