30 Nov

Wyoming Jade Bangle – $400-WyBang2

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Wyoming Dark Green Jade Bangle

Wyoming is known around the world for it’s high quality nephrite jade. The jade from the “Jade Fields” of Wyoming are mostly old stock but with the right connections, these jades are still available but they are pricey. The jade colors from Wyoming vary from the well known “Apple Green” to the well known “Edwards Black”. The jade colors of green and black vary throughout the color spectrum.

Bangle Style:

This Bangle is a “Cuff” style bangle where it is slightly wider than normal. This style can show off jade patterns better. This style fetches a higher price as it requires a larger and thicker perfect piece of jade to create it. The bangle can be almost two bangles in one because of its width.

The Material:

This is a dark green nephrite jade that almost looks black in most lighting. The pictures are in a higher than average light to show it is a dark green jade. A very high polish on this material shows the high quality and high integrity of this jade. Looks very dark unless in well lighted environment.

Wyoming Jade Bangle Specifications:

Wyoming Jade Bangle Details:

Inner Diameter: 57.6mm
Outer Diameter: 73.4mm
Width: 18mm
Thickness: 7.6 mm

Wyoming Jade Bangle Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: WyBang2

Jadedivers Item Price: $400

3 Responses to “Wyoming Jade Bangle – $400-WyBang2”

  1. Reply cathy says:

    would you have this in a 61mm and thinner width?

    • Reply Administrator says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I usually make a few to show and then make orders to custom sizes like your 61mm. I do have more material to offer one in your size. I see you also were requesting info on the Edwards Black. I will send an email about this material. Thank you for reaching out.


  2. Reply Renee says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a princess style bangle. A thinner bangle with a flat inside in a size 57mm. Do you have any?

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