30 Nov

Yukon “Snow” Jade Bangle – $500-YKSnBang2

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Grade A “Snow” Jade Bangle

This is the premium nephrite “Snow” jade used in the 2012 World Jade Symposium. There is not much of this jade available anywhere. It comes from the claim of Roger Kirchbaum in the Yukon Territory in British Columbia. He rarely can make the trip and the set up the equipment to remove his jade from this remote site. His jade is rare and remarkable.

Bangle Style:

This Bangle is a round type bangle that is curved almost round. The inside is slightly less round and shows 1mm less in dimension. I hear this feels better on the wrist.

The Material:

Nice bright green with clear veins. Pleanty of the “Snow” for show! A truely beautiful material that took a very high polish. It also has great translucency.

Yukon Snow Jade Bangle Specifications:

Yukon Snow Jade Bangle Details:

Inner Diameter: 64mm
Outer Diameter: 81mm
Width: 9.5mm
Thickness: 8.6 mm

6 Responses to “Yukon “Snow” Jade Bangle – $500-YKSnBang2”

  1. Reply Giang Ho says:

    Could you make another bangle with inner diameter of 50-51mm. If so, how much for it? Thanks in advance

  2. Reply PT says:

    Hi Allan. Would like to know if you could make a similar round bangle with this Yukon snow jade with inner diameter of 55mm. What is your best price and when is the expected delivery? Thanks

  3. Reply PT says:

    Hi Allan, I am interested in your Yukon snow bangle round type. But the one being offered is too big. Is it possible to carve a similar round with inner diameter of 55mm? If so, what is your best price and when do you expect completion? I seem to have problem accessing you through this site. Hope this gets through and get a reply from you soon. Thanks.

  4. Reply Renee says:

    Hi, Could I special order a 57mm in this bangle?

  5. Reply Leona says:

    Hi there, can I order 58mm in this Yukon snow jade bangle? Thanks.

    • Reply jadediver says:

      this is probably too late since I did not get this message until now. I do have some Yukon snow for a custom sized bangle. I am booked out for a couple months but can reserve some of the limited stone if you would like.


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