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Big Sur Jade Bangle – $275-BSBang1

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Big Sur Muli-Shaded “Flower Jade” Jade Bangle

Big Sur Jade is one of the most difficult nephrites known world wide to use for Jewelry. A lot of fractures are usually common due to the extreme pressures and cross faults of this region. The colors and quality of this local (to me) nephrite are very wide ranged and are similar to the nephrites from New Zealand.

 Bangle Style:

This Bangle is a “Cuff” style bangle where it is slightly wider than normal. This style can show off jade patterns better. This style fetches a higher price as it requires a larger and thicker perfect piece of jade to create it. The bangle can be almost two bangles in one because of its width.

The Material:

This material is a type of Flower Jade or Snow Jade but the white/light jade mixes are many making the “Snow or Flower” effect less. It is a beautiful jade with yellow/green, gray/silver, and golden colors. I have more of this stone that another bangle can be made to custom size if this size does not fit you. There is one surface fracture on the silvers section of this bangle.

Big Sur Jade Bangle Specifications:

Big Sur Jade Bangle Details:

Inner Diameter: 57.5mm
Outer Diameter: 72.5mm
Width: 19.5mm
Thickness: 7.2 mm

Big Sur Jade Bangle Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: BSBang1

Jadedivers Item Price: $275

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