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Clear Creek Jadeite Bangle – $175-CCBang1

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Clear Creek Jadeite Bangle

Clear Creek jadiete is the largest known jadeite deposit in North America. The deposite site is located in California but in not known for high quality or gem quality jadeite. Most jadeite from this location is gray blue with green hues. There area is directly east of the coast from Big Sur. This same area experiences the faults that shift in the Big Sur area. This jadeite was actually formed twice. The first is the bulk of the material and color but the extream forces in this area fractured most of this jadeite and the fractures were filled and repaired with pure white jadeite which look like white veins.

Bangle Style:

This Bangle is a small ”Cuff” style bangle where it is slightly wider than normal. This style can show off jade patterns better. This style fetches a higher price as it requires a larger and thicker perfect piece of jade to create it.

The Material:

This is a medium green/gray jadeite with pure white veins of white jadeite. It is clean, no fractures and took a high polish. The material has meduim to low translucency.

Clear Creek Jadeite Bangle Specifications:

Clear Creek Jadeite Bangle Details:

Inner Diameter: 60.7mm
Outer Diameter: 75.5mm
Width: 18.5mm
Thickness: 7.2 mm

Clear Creek Jadeite Bangle Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: CCBang1

Jadedivers Item Price: $175

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