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Big Sur Jade Blue/Green Display Specimen – 1lb 5.7oz-$250-ff111

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Big Sur Jade Display Specimen

This specimen of Big Sur Jade has been meticulously shaped and polished. The edges are clean and smooth with no bevels like that found in a lot of polished specimens. I took particular care in maintaining the original shape when found and removed as little of the material as possible before polishing. This Big Sur Jade specimen is a medium green surface with some cream lines throughout and has a nice light blue/green interior. This beautiful color combination shows a great contrast between the two major colors. The luster is high but not a mirror finish and shows exceptionally well. There are a couple of small fracture lines that are difficult to see and do not take away from the presence of such a specimen. This Big Sur Jade specimen was found in 40 feet of water off the coast of Big Sur California by me while freediving. All the pictures were taken inside with artificial lighting and there were no photo alterations or enhancements. This item comes in a burgundy soft pouch.

Big Sur Jade Specimen details:

Weight: 1 pound 5.7 ounces
Length: 4 5/8”
Width: 3 1/8”
Thickness: 1 3/4”

Big Sur Jade Specimen Pricing:

Jadedivers Item#: ff111

Jadedivers Item Price: $250

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