10 Mar

Big Sur Blue Jade Bead with Paua Abalone-$145-BeadBS9

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Beautiful blue jade/serpentine bead faced with Paua abalone from New Zealand. Looking close at this bead, there are crystals of Iron Pyrite throught the material. This is a rare material made from Big Sur Blue Nephrite Jade and Blue Serpentine. There is also some black colors mixed in. The specific gravity was measured in between Nephrite Jade and Serpentine. I also did scratch tests and found both hardnesses within the material. This material is very unique and very rare. I have found only one piece of it and I do not have much more remaining.

Bead Specifications:
Weight: 9.1 grams
Length: 0.99”
Diameter: 0.62”

Bead comes standard with waxed polyester cord and Custom Slip Beads are made from Cowell Black Jade.

Custom Slip Beads is an option for all beads and pendants and will come automatically on some items. These beads are hand made by me to perfectly fit the diameter of the cord for a perfect slide to adjust the length when worn or taking off. They also are made of gem grade materials and depending on the style, they may be of matching materials.

Item# BeadBS9

Price: $145

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