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White Garnet Bead Faced with Red Abalone-$50(PriceReduction)-BeadWG5

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White Hydrogrossular Garnet (HGG) is extremely rare and beautiful. Very translucent, almost like glowing ice. Nicely shaped and faced with Pacific Pink Abalone. There is a price reduction on this item because of a visible fracture down the center of the bead. Even in this high quality material it is difficult to avoid all the fractures. I missed this one and ended up spending all the extra time to create it anyway. It still shows very nice and some people think fractures just add character to a piece. High quality material is rare even world wide. This grade A+ white Garnet is sourced from the Happy Camp mine in Northern California.

Bead Specifications:
Weight: 7.2 grams/36.5 carats
Length: 0.65”
Width: 0.54”

This bead is coming with the Custom Slip Beads made from the same material.

Custom Slip Beads is an option for all beads and pendants and will come automatically on some items. These beads are hand made by me to perfectly fit the diameter of the cord for a perfect slide to adjust the length when worn or taking off. They also are made of gem grade materials and depending on the style, they may be of matching materials.

Item# BeadWG5

Price: $50

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