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Lavender Jadeite & Paua Abalone Faced Bead-$100-BeadLav23

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Lavender Jadeite & Paua Abalone Faced Bead

Lavender Jadeite from Turkey is one of the few places in the world this color is found. The translucency is not high but the colors are very vibrant and sought after. This bead is a nice barrel shape bead that has been faced with a thin layer of Paua Abalone from New Zealand. Not noticeable from when observed straight on which is the intent of the design. This type of feature is all about the hidden value. When one is wearing this design, someone may have already noticed the nice colored bead but when the see it from a slight angle, there is a surprise and more to the bead then the first observed. These are always a conversation piece.

Bead Specifications:

Weight: 10.2 grams/50.5 carats
Length: 0.96”
Width: 0.6”

Cord Specifications:

Bead comes standard with waxed polyester cord and small beads that act as slip beads. Shown with upgraded Optional Slip beads.

Custom Slip Beads is an option for all beads and pendants and will come automatically on some items. These beads are hand made by me to perfectly fit the diameter of the cord for a perfect slide to adjust the length when worn or taking off. They also are made of gem grade materials and depending on the style, they may be of matching materials.


Item# BeadLav23

Price Standard Option: $100
Price with Custom Slip Beads: $125

Cord Slip/Bead Options

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