14 Jun

“Bone Crusher”-Big Sur Pacific Blue Vulcan Display Specimen

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This is the “Bone Crusher”. It was almost named “Jade in the Stone” like Sword in the stone as it was found in a small slot in a reef where I had to pull it out like the Sword in the Stone story. It was also almost named “Blue Salmon” as for the Suiseki resemblance of a Salmon and posed in the first picture like a Salmon swimming up stream.

I had a choice in naming this one of kind find until the fated incident when I was so excited to show my wife that I dropped it on my toe. I was flipping it around to show her the opposite side and it slipped out of my hands. Unfortunately, there was no give at all as I was standing on a concrete floor in our garage when it crushed my toe. The name was decided then “Bone Crusher”. It was a long day to dive all day and to come home and have to go to the emergency room on a weekend night.

The piece is so solid it had no damage from the fall. The sounds it made bouncing on the floor were like a dropped piece of porcelain with nothing breaking. This specimen will never leave my collection. : )

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  1. Reply Baloney says:

    that piece looks like serp…….

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