25 Apr

Ocean Polished Blue Jade Slick-Bead Project

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This is a small “Ocean Polished Slick” of beautiful blue jade from Big Sur California that was used in a custom job. Here I show some of the layout, cutting and drilling and then the final bead.

4 Responses to “Ocean Polished Blue Jade Slick-Bead Project”

  1. Reply Emily says:

    Simply gorgeous. Ah, I love it! Do you have any more for a ring? I’m looking for about a 10mm cabochon for my engagement ring.

    • Reply Administrator says:

      Hi Emily,

      Sorry for the late reply. I have been out of the state for a couple weeks. I do have more material. What size and shape cabochon are you interested in?

      Thanks again Emily and how cool would that be for an engagement ring. : )


  2. Reply Name Linda says:

    This blue jade piece is beautiful. What is the lowest price you charge for a pendant similar to the one
    displayed in this picture? Thank you!

    • Reply Administrator says:

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry for the late reply. Let me know if you are still interested in pursuing such a project. Thank you and sorry for the late reply.


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