Big Sur Pacific Blue Nephrite Jade Earrings-$100-EarBSbl1

Very rare “Pacific Blue” earrings in a sail shape. These earrings are tapered in thickness from the top to the bottom with the bottom being thinner. The “Pacific Blue” jade is typically a slightly darker jade with good translucency but very rare. When formed into earrings like these, the colors show well in the sun. In a soft light environment, these earrings look to be a dark green but when the light touches them, “Pop”! The color is eye catching.

Earring Specifications:
Sterling Silver Loops
Length: 1.7” without Loop
Width: 0.7” at bottom of sail

Item# EarBSbl1

Price: $100

1 thought on “Big Sur Pacific Blue Nephrite Jade Earrings-$100-EarBSbl1”

  1. I love these earings. I have a pair that are just like these earings they are absolutely beautiful very light on my ears and the color is awesome. I sometimes wear two earings in the same ear because there are two holes in my ears and when these earings hit the second pair the sound is beautiful. I highly recommend anyone wanting jade earings or any jerwlery for that matter to get them from Jade Divers the quality is uncomparable to any products I have seen anywhere. I give Jade Divers products 10 starrs. Most Excellent! 🙂

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